Our Role: Interior and experience design

Client: VEOLIA Czech Republic, a.s.

Years: 2020

Location: Hradec Králové

„I play, therefore I understand“

This exhibition is mainly intended for an elementary school audience but it does make a great impression at people of any age. It combines a unique choice of audio-visual element, custom made furniture / physical objects and in-house developed software and content that makes it one of a kind place to be impressed and learn new things at the same time.

The first room consists of three platforms with different kinds of plants. Thanks to static luminated prints behind the plants it is explained how the water is distributed in various plants. There are also tablets with games made by us teaching the visitor about different states of water or also geography of Czech republic. The groups of visitors (maximum of 7 at a time) can play against each other or in teams and then see the results in the last room.

„Push some buttons and give water to the whole city“

In the second room there is an animation on a printed wall and surrounded by spacial speakers, which gives you a more lively impression of the animation. On another wall there is an interactive game that gives you a chance to understand better how the distribution of water in cities can be influenced.


Josef Kortan, Jakub Roček, Hana Chmelenská


Miroslav Kukrál, Dávid Sivý, Jiří Mašek

AV technologies

Josef Kortan

HW implementation

Jakub Antoš


Zdeněk Trávníček, Adam Pospíšil, Jiří Melnikov


Miroslav Kukrál, Jiří Mašek

Graphical Design

Dávid Sivý, Miroslav Kukrál, Ondřej Rakušan, Jiří Mašek, Filip Dioszegi