Orbital Communication Platform

Our Role: Concept and Realization of interactive installation

Client: Veolia

Years: 2019

Location: Kladno, Czech Republic

"Hear the nature speak and sing to you."

The OCP (Orbital Communication Platform) is a unique interactive installation, introducing an unconventional way of human-to-technology communication.

The system of self-moving screens that are aware of each other and are able to react to a person’s presence in their proximity, enables a wide range of scenarios to be utilized.

"Look inside the forest while standing on a carpet."

Custom made integration of Unity Engine with brushless motors on 24 meters long curved rails tailored into the building structure react to the human position and their voice in real-time environment.

"Hear the nature speak and sing to you."

The interactive audio installation consists of eight channels and provides you with an immersive experience. The sound focuses on specific parts of the landscape, as our moving LCDs reveal it gradually, and you get fully drawn into the atmosphere of nature surrounding you.

"Can you tell me more about wolves?"

Our interactive personal assistant Olivea leads you through the experience. Thanks to the natural voice recognition and advanced speech-to-text and language analysis powered by a behaviour engine which is able to learn the more suitable reactions the more Olivea is spoken to, you can get the answers to many nature related questions.


Dávid Sivý


Josef Kortan, Jakub Roček, Hana Chmelenská


Miroslav Kukrál, Dávid Sivý, Jiří Mašek

Graphical Design

Miroslav Kukrál, Dávid Sivý, Jiří Mašek, Ondřej Rakušan, Jan Nálepa, Filip Dioszegi, Jan Hostinský


Adam Pospíšil, Jan Volný, Zdeněk Trávníček, Jiří Melnikov

AV technologies

Josef Kortan

HW implementation

Jakub Antoš

Construction supervision

Jiří Mašek, Miroslav Kukrál, Jakub Antoš

Construction and rigging design

Miroslav Kukrál

Sound Design

Adam Sporka


Jana Vokurková

Directed by

Hana Chmelenská, Dávid Sivý, Jana Vokurková


Jan Hošek, Petr Jan Juračka