National Museum - Moments of History

Our Role: Technical co-concept, Programming and the integration of system and lighting

Client: National Museum

Years: 2019

Location: Prague

„Walk through the hall of history“

„Moments of History“ is a unique exposition and an exhibit at the same time. It lies in the passageway between the historical and the new building of National Museum in Prague.

The multimedia passageway brings you into the middle of the piece of living history. Thanks to 18 projectors on each each wall that altogether provide 60 000 x 1200-pixel resolution on the length of 56 m on both walls, a 32-channel soundsystem and a unique LED strip synchronised with the current projection, you will simply become a part of the surrounding scene. The said resolution on this length and area of 270 m² makes the piece the longest projection in Europe.

„From the start of the universe to the present moment“

The focus is on Wenceslas Square. You are invited to watch an animated timelapse showing you the Square from the very start of the universe itself, through the actual growing and changing of the Square in time, until you reach the current state of affairs. Let yourself be awed by the changes of the athmosphere at one, but very important place in the heart of Europe.

In cooperation with: Loom On The Moon, PINK, AVT Group, STAVANT

Photo credits: Boys Play Nice


Zdeněk Trávníček, Adam Pospíšil, Jiří Melnikov

Technical support and consultation

Josef Kortan

Project management

Josef Kortan