CAMP – Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning

Our Role: Technical infrastructure design, Exhibitions support

Client: Prague Institute of Planning and Development

Years: 2016 - now

Location: Prague

CAMP, or Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning, is a new urban planning hotspot in the heart of Prague. A modern and open interdisciplinary place for architects, planners and citizens is made for discussions, presentations and exhibitions.

One of the most interesting aspects of CAMP is a 25 x 4m eXtended Reality (XR) panoramic projection wall, enabling almost 1:1 simulation of the city, accompanied with spacial sound system.

Our company has been taking care of technological development from the beginning of CAMP in 2016 and of the smooth run of the place in general.


Zdeněk Trávníček, Adam Pospíšil, Jiří Melnikov

Technical support and consultation

Josef Kortan

Project management

Jakub Roček